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Welcome to Ronda, Spain

The picturesque white town of Ronda is famous for its fascinating cliff-side setting along the Tajo gorge and the monumental New Bridge that spans across it. If it looks impressive in photos, wait until you see it in person – it will take your breath away.

Interior of the Arab baths in Ronda, Spain
Houses with colorful flower pots in Ronda, Spain
Terrace at the Morabito Restaurant in Ronda, Spain
Inside the bullring of Ronda, Spain

Ronda’s old Moorish quarter is surreally perched on the side of a cliff, which surrounds the town in almost 360 degrees. Like an island in the sky, this unique location made it perfect for a fortified enclave, even having its own water source from the river below. The Guadalevín river that runs through the bottom of the gorge has supplied water to Ronda’s residents throughout history. The Moors created a mine and carved steps into the cliff wall down to the river to secure water access. In 1485, Christian forces managed to overcome the fortification that was used to access the river and the Moors lost the city.

Besides the bridge and the gorge, Ronda is also the birthplace of modern bullfighting and home to one of the oldest bullrings in Spain. The interesting story of how bullfighting grew from the need to train horses for war is told in the bullfighting museum.

Today, Ronda still retains the historic charm that in the past attracted such famous writers as Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles. Beyond its impressive New Bridge and its bullfighting heritage, Ronda is a pleasure to get lost in. Its incredible location, along the walls of the canyon, makes for an array of astonishing views waiting to be discovered. Whether it’s by wandering the narrow cobblestone streets, enjoying a cold drink on a veranda next to the New Bridge, or just watching the birds glide through the canyon – Ronda is a town that begs visitors to slow down, take in its beauty and relax.

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Stylish modern restaurant that offers very creative dishes by using a mixture of traditional flavors with an innovative touch. It’s not one of the cheapest alternatives in Ronda, but it is quite good. It is also conveniently located 2-min walk away from Ronda’s famous bridge. Make sure to check out the day’s specials on the blackboard. Address: Calle Nueva 4
Occupying an old mansion perched on the side of the cliff, this restaurant features a beautiful garden with views to the green countryside that surrounds Ronda. You can choose 5 tapas from the menu for 16€. Great price, especially taking into consideration its incredibly charming setting. It is one of our favorites in Ronda. Address: Plaza de María Auxiliadora 4
Popular tapas bar frequented by tourists and locals alike. The menu is made up of a very long list of traditional tapas starting at 0.90€. Their order-forms make it very easy to place orders. It is a small busy bar with great ambience, just don’t expect a sit-down meal. Great value for your money. Address: Calle Virgen de los Remedios 35
1/10  New Bridge
New bridge seen from the Aldehuela look out point in Ronda, Spain
2/10  New Bridge
Ronda's impressive new bridge seen from the Cuenca Garden, Spain
3/10  Bullring
Inside one of the oldest bullrings in the world – Ronda, Spain
4/10  Bullring
Detail shot of Ronda's bullring, Spain
5/10  Old Bridge
Crossing the old bridge in Ronda, Spain
6/10  Arab Baths
Inside the medieval Arab Baths of Ronda – Spain
7/10  Flower pots in Ronda
Colorful flower pots in a white facade in Ronda, Spain
8/10  Ronda's lovely countryside
Girl walking in Ronda's lovely countryside, Spain
9/10  El Morabito Restaurant
Great views from El Morabito restaurant, Ronda - Spain
10/10  Tragatá Restaurant
Modern interior of the Tragatá restaurant, Ronda - Spain
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