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Welcome to Malaga, Spain

Malaga is the gateway to the beaches on the Costa del Sol. Most just pass it by on their quest for some fun in the sun. Or because Malaga doesn’t have a monumental Moorish palace like Seville or Granada, it again gets skipped. But that’s a real shame because what Malaga has to offer is what most other cities could only dream of.

Malaga's old town, Spain
Famous La Malagueta beach in Malaga, Spain
Grilled sardines in Malaga, Spain
Beachfront path in Malaga, Spain

Where else can you find such a clean old town with so many chic 19th century buildings in immaculate condition in a largely pedestrian-only zone? The streets themselves literally sparkle in the sunlight since they are paved with all different kinds of marble, much of it quarried locally in Spain.

Malaga’s economy boomed when it became the first city in Spain to enter the industrial age. This prosperity helped reshape the old town splendor that we see today. Barcelona may have had Gaudi, but Malaga had the Strachan dynasty of father and son architects. They helped to reform and build some of the city’s most important buildings, including the Calle Larios (Larios Street), one of Spain’s grandest avenues.

Today the old town is alive and packed full of restaurants, bars, shops, museums and churches. But there is more to Malaga than just its old town. There are Moorish fortresses (Alcazaba & Gibralfaro castle), a Roman amphitheater and a newly opened port area. Oh yeah, and there are beaches too!

* Interesting Fact: Malaga has two very famous sons – the actor Antonio Banderas & artist Pablo Picasso. Despite Picasso having only lived his first 10 years in the city, there are two museums dedicated to him.

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1/13  Old town in Malaga
Old town in Malaga, Spain
2/13  Beautiful corner in Malaga's old town
Beautiful corner in Malaga's old town, Spain
3/13  Cathedral in Malaga's old town
Cathedral in Malaga's old town, Spain
4/13  Drinking sherry at Antigua Casa de Guardia
Drinking sherry at Antigua Casa de Guardia – Malaga, Spain
5/13  Malaga's townhall
Malaga's townhall, Spain
6/13  Roman amphitheater
Roman amphitheater in Malaga – Spain
7/13  Casa Mira, home to some of the best ice cream in the world
Casa Mira, home to some of the best ice cream in the world – Malaga, Spain
8/13  La Malagueta beach
La Malagueta beach - Malaga, Spain
9/13  Grilled sardines (espetos) by the beach
Grilled sardines (espetos) by the beach – Malaga, Spain
10/13  Views of the lighthouse and the Alcazaba from the port
Views of the lighthouse and the Alcazaba from the port – Malaga, Spain
11/13  Lush Malaga Park
Lush Malaga Park, Spain
12/13  Oceanfront promenade
Oceanfront promenade in Malaga, Spain
13/13  Views of the city from the Gibralfaro castle
Views from the Gibralfaro castle, Malaga - Spain
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