HOW TO GET from Seville to Ronda

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Best way to travel from Seville to Ronda

  • Car is the fastest option (1 h 45 min).
  • Taking part in a guided tour is a very convenient way to discover Ronda.
  • Although usually slower than the car, bus is another alternative (up to 2 h 45 min)
  • Trains are slower and more expensive than buses


Seville and Ronda are separated by 130 km (81 miles) which take about 1:45 hours to drive, using the roads A-374 and A-375.

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Organized Day Tour

If you are in Seville but don’t have that much time to visit Ronda, taking part in a guided tour can be a great option. You can book a day trip tour that starts in Seville and will take you to Ronda and back within the same day. Another advantage of the tour is the fact that you will be accompanied by a guide and learn much more about your surroundings. Usually these tours are very complete and include some other nice stops throughout the day (e.g. picturesque white village of Zahara de la Sierra).


The company Damas runs 7 daily buses from Seville to Ronda. The trip takes between 1:45 and 2:45 hours. A one-way ticket costs 13€. Be aware that in Seville the buses leave from the station Prado de San Sebastian.

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Seville’s Prado de San Sebastian bus station is located in Seville’s center, just east of the Alcazar’s gardens. To give you an idea, the Seville Cathedral is a 15-min walk away. Also, the tram line T1 connects the station with the cathedral and the Plaza Nueva.


Ronda’s bus station is located next to the train station, 1km (0.6 miles) north of the New Bridge.


There isn’t a direct train from Seville to Ronda. The only option is to go from Seville to Antequera, passing through Cordoba. In Antequera, you will need to change trains to finally get to Ronda. The trip takes 3:20 h and costs 44€. The bus is faster and cheaper.

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