HOW TO GET from Madrid to Ronda

Best way to travel from Madrid to Ronda

  • Train is the fastest (3 h 45 min to 4 h 30 min) and most convenient option.
  • By car is slower (5h 30 min to 6 h) but is the next best alternative.
  • Traveling by bus is pretty much out of the question in this case.


Renfe offers 4 daily trains between Madrid and Ronda. The trip takes anywhere between 3 h 45 min and 4 h 30 min. Note that two of the daily options require changing trains in Antequera. Expect to pay between 37 and 77€.

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Although there are several train stations in Madrid, the main one (and the one where the trains from/to Ronda start/end is Puerta de Atocha). Puerta de Atocha is located south east of the city center.

The metro line 1, the suburban train as well as several city bus lines stop at this station. Also, the public bus line 203, known as “Express Airport,” connects the Atocha train station with the airport.

For up-to-date information on Madrid’s public transport:


Ronda’s train station is located 1km (0.6 miles) north of the New Bridge.


Madrid and Ronda are separated by 550 km (342 miles). The car ride takes between 5 h 30 min and 6 h. There is mainly one straight route following the A-4 highway. This route takes you through the region of Castilla la Mancha before entering Andalusia via the province of Jaen.

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About one hour after leaving Madrid, you can stop to visit the beautiful city of Toledo, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Once in Andalusia, about 2 h before reaching Ronda, another great stop would be the city of Cordoba, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and is specially famous for its marvelous Great Mosque.

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There aren’t any direct buses between Madrid and Ronda. To travel between those two cities by bus, you will need to first go to either Malaga or Seville and change buses there. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. Using a car or the train is a much better option.

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