Flamenco has deep roots in Granada. And those roots literally go underground in the form of caves. As an outcast community, the gypsies of Granada were forced to live outside of the city walls. In the hills of Sacromonte, they carved out cave homes that would eventually give birth to flamenco and more specifically the “zambras.”

Today, it’s possible to see a live flamenco show where it all started. To find out more about this passionate art as well as the best venues to enjoy a flamenco show in Granada, then make sure to continue reading.

Granada's Flamenco Caves & Zambras

Flamenco dancer in a gypsy cave in Sacromonte, Granada
Flamenco dancer in a Sacromonte cave - Granada

Historically, Granada’s gypsies were forbidden to live inside the city walls. Instead, they settled on the hillsides of what we know today as Sacromonte. There, they dug out holes in the stone creating caves that became their homes. It’s here where artistic passion was cultivated and the zambra was born.

Although the exact origin of the word “zambra” is debatable, it most certainly comes from the Arab language: probably from the word “zumra” (“party”),“zamra” (“flute”) or “zamara” (“musicians”).

The word “zambra” was first used to represent the way the gypsy community celebrated weddings in the caves of Granada’s Sacromonte neighborhood as far back as the 17th century.

This tradition was also influenced by Moorish weddings. This is especially true after the Moors where expelled from the city in the 16th century and mixed with the gypsies in the caves of the Sacromonte.

Although the zambra was later forbidden by the Inquisition, gypsies continued to practice it and have kept it alive to this day.

The word zambra is now used to refer to this particular type of flamenco dance from Granada as well as the traditional venues where the spectacles take place, the “gypsy caves” (“cuevas gitanas” in Spanish).

Zambra flamenca show in Granada, Spain
Zambra flamenca show

Today we use the term “underground” to describe movements or art forms. But Granada’s flamenco is truly an underground art that has become accepted and appreciated by critics and the mainstream.

Seeing a live performance in one of Granada’s caves is an experience you won’t forget. The intimacy of the space along with the acoustics make it one of a kind.

Our top cave venue recommendations are Cuevas Los Tarantos in Sacromonte and El Templo del Flamenco in Albaicin. But continue reading to find the complete list of the best tablaos and zambras offering daily flamenco shows in Granada.

The Best Flamenco Shows in Granada


Cuevas Los Tarantos

Passionate flamenco dancer at Cuevas Los Tarantos

Cuevas Los Tarantos is one of Granada’s original gypsy cave venues located in the hillside of Sacromonte. Since 1972, Los Tarantos has been putting on a passionate, up-close and personal flamenco show. However, this limestone dwelling has an even older history, dating all the way back to the 15th century!

If you want to see an authentic flamenco performance in a truly unique venue, then Los Tarantos cave is a must.

Intimate venue of Cuevas Los Tarantos in a gypsy cave in Sacromonte, Granada
Intimate venue of Cuevas Los Tarantos

Cuevas Los Tarantos offers 2 flamenco shows everyday (at 9:15pm and 10:30pm). They last around 60 min and cost 26€ (incl. 1 drink). It’s also possible to book flamenco show + dinner. The set menu offers high quality traditional Spanish cuisine. It includes a starter, a main dish, dessert, bread and a drink.

Furthermore, for just 6€ extra this tablao offers the option to book transport from/to your accommodation.

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Jardines de Zoraya

Flamenco show at Jardines de Zoraya

Restaurant Tablao Jardines de Zoraya is a contemporary flamenco venue located just minutes away from the San Nicolas viewpoint in the heart of the Albaicin.

Zoraya is quite special because it is the only flamenco tablao that takes place in a carmen. A carmen is a Moorish construction that consists of a large house with an interior garden patio that typically contains a fountain, fruit trees, and fragrant herbs.

We especially like this tablao because of the possibility to have dinner right before the show in a beautiful and historic outdoor garden patio.

Live flamenco performance at Jardines de Zoraya

Tablao Jardines de Zoraya offers a 60-min flamenco show for 25€ (dinner option is extra). There are 3 shows everyday at 6pm, 8pm and 10:30pm.

Accompanied by a passionate flamenco singer, a guitar player, and a percussionist, two dancers will represent the different ”palos” (flamenco styles), from the soleá to the alegría.

In our opinion, if you want to combine a flamenco show with local Granada gastronomy, then Jardines de Zoraya is a great choice.


El Templo del Flamenco

Stage in a traditional cave at El Templo del Flamenco

El Templo del Flamenco, located in the Albaicin, offers a daily 70-min flamenco show for 26€ (incl. 1 drink) in Granada’s largest cave.

The main cave is divided into 3 sections in the form of a cross with the stage unifying them all together in the center. The stage is setup a meter (3 feet) above the ground floor, giving the audience good visibility in all parts of the cave.

El Templo also offers show+tapas (55€) and show+dinner (65€). However, unlike Jardines de Zoraya, the meal is eaten during the actual flamenco performance. Both are great options, it just depends on your preference.


Tablao Flamenco Casa Ana

Artist lineup at Tablao Flamenco Casa Ana

Casa Ana is one of the only tablaos in Granada in theater format. This allows for a spacious setting, while still keeping a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Guests can enjoy an hour long intense flamenco show for only 20€.

At Casa Ana, they are proud to present a cast of the best artists of the moment, coming from great flamenco and gypsy families. The artist lineup usually includes 1 singer, 1 guitarist, 1 female dancer and 1 male dancer; but they change constantly. There are 2 shows everyday at 7:30 and 9:30 pm.

Although dinner is not an option as Casa Ana, there is a bar where guests can enjoy a drink before and after the show.

Casa Ana is located in the Albaicin neighborhood, next to the Plaza Nueva, in the heart of Granada.


Casa del Arte Flamenco

Couple dancing flamenco at Casa del Arte Flamenco

Casa del Arte Flamenco is a traditional tablao located in the Realejo neighborhood that’s less than a 5-min walk away from the Granada Cathedral. The venue is relatively small with room for about 45 guests. The rows of seats step up in height as you move further back in the room, giving great views to everyone in the audience.

The performance explores several different flamenco palos (styles), giving the audience a great overview of the diversity of the art form.

Casa del Arte offers two 1-hour shows everyday, starting at 7pm and 8:30pm. The price is 22€.

More Flamenco Shows in Granada


Tablao Flamenco La Alboreá

Tablao Flamenco La Alboreá offers a 60-min flamenco show for 20€ in a cozy environment with a maximum of 70 seats. The main seating rows have step-ups the further back you go, giving unobstructed views. There is also an upper level which we really love.

There are two daily performances, at 7pm and 8:45pm, during which a singer, a guitarist and 2 dancers put on a memorable show.

This tablao is located in the heart of Granada, just a couple of minutes walk away from the Granada Cathedral.


Tablao Flamenco Restaurante La Soleá

Tablao Flamenco Restaurante La Soleá is located in one of the most emblematic places of Granada, its Plaza de Toros (bullring).

This venue takes its name from a specific form of flamenco, the “soleá,” the singing of solitude, which is considered by many as the purest and most personal expression of the flamenco art.

There are two 1-hour flamenco shows everyday at 8:30pm and 10pm. Tickets cost 26€ (one drink included), but it is also possible to pair the show with dinner. Tickets including dinner start at 39.90 € and there are two different set menu options, both featuring traditional Andalusian cuisine.

Take note that this venue is not located in the main touristic center.


Tablao Flamenco Albayzín

Tablao Flamenco Albayzin is located in Granada’s Moorish quarter, very close to the popular Mirador de San Cristóbal. It occupies a charming amphitheater decorated in Mudéjar style. It opened its doors in 1971 with the name Tablao Reina Mora and was later renamed in 2001.

Currently, Tablao Flamenco Albayzin offers one 60-min show at 9:30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Tickets cost 18€, which means that it is among the cheapest flamenco shows in Granada. It features talented flamenco artists, always a combination of established and new ones, making sure to keep the show fresh.

There is public parking for guests right next to the venue as well as a cool rooftop terrace.

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