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The Best Flamenco Shows in Granada

Flamenco forms a very important part of the local culture in Andalusia, with Granada being one of the most important flamenco meccas. Granada's flamenco tradition has its origins in the gypsy community in the Sacromonte neighborhood and, more specifically, in the “zambras.”

The word “zambra” comes from the Arab “zumra” which can be translated as “party.” It represents the way the gypsy community celebrated weddings in the Sacromonte neighborhood as far back as the 17th century. However, flamenco has also been influenced by the cultures that have lived in the region throughout the centuries: Moors, Jews and Christians.

If you are interested in flamenco, below you can find a some of the best tablaos and zambras offering daily shows.


  • Tarantos Cave: Open since 1972, Cueva Los Tarantos is a very traditional establishment in Granada, famous for its pure and passionate shows. It occupies an authentic gypsy cave-home in Sacromonte. This limestone dwelling has been inhabited since the 15th century! Cueva Los Tarantos offers 2 daily intimate flamenco shows (at 9pm and 10:30pm). They last about 75 min and cost 26€ (incl. 1 drink).
  • Cueva de la Rocío: Founded in 1951, Cueva de La Rocío is one of the oldest gypsy zambras in Sacromonte. It’s owned by the Maya family, one of the most important in the flamenco world. They offer one daily flamenco show from Tuesday to Saturday which starts at 9:30 pm. The price is 35€ and includes a drink during the show as well as the transfer by minibus from the center of Granada.
Flamenco dancer in a gypsy cave in Sacromonte, Granada
Flamenco dancer in a Sacromonte cave - Granada


  • Restaurant Tablao Jardines de Zoraya: 20€ for a 60-min flamenco show in an atmospheric tablao just minutes away from the San Nicolas viewpoint at the heart of the Albaicin. There are 3 daily shows at 6pm, 8pm and 10:30pm. Accompanied by a passionate flamenco singer, a guitar player, and a percussionist, two dancers will represent the different ”palos” (flamenco styles), from the soleá to an alegría. Jardines de Zoraya is also a restaurant which offers great food with a focus on local Granada gastronomy. Many of the dishes are family recipes. If you want to combine a flamenco show with dinner, then Jardines de Zoraya is the best choice.
  • Tablao Flamenco La Alboreá: 18€ for a 60-min flamenco show in a cozy environment with a maximum of 70 seats. There are two daily performances, at 7pm and 8:45pm, during which a singer, a guitarist and 2 dancers put on a memorable show. This tablao is located in the heart of Granada, just a couple of minutes walk away from the Granada Cathedral.
  • El Templo del Flamenco: 26€ for a 70-min flamenco show (incl. 1 drink) in a traditional cave, but this time in the Albaicín neighborhood. It is actually the largest cave in Granada. They also offer show + tapas (50€) and show + dinner (60€) options.
Zambra flamenca show in Granada, Spain
Zambra flamenca show


  • Casa del Arte Flamenco: Traditional tablao located in the Realejo neighborhood that’s less than a 5-min walk away from the Granada Cathedral. They offer two daily 1-hour shows, starting at 7pm and 8:30pm. The price is 22€.
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