The Best Flamenco Shows in Cordoba

If you want to see a flamenco show in Cordoba, here are some of the best options:

  • Tablao Flamenco el Cardenal – With 25 years of experience, it is probably the city’s most popular flamenco show. It is located in a beautiful 16th century Mudejar style building. They offer a 90 minute daily show for 24.62€.
  • Baños Árabes de Santa María – Establishment located in a charming corner of Cordoba (former Arab baths) characterized by its intimate atmosphere. It offers a show that goes from andalusí music to cante jondo. The price of the daily 8pm show is 35€ (one drink included).
  • Patio la Judería – This popular restaurant with a daily flamenco show offers several ticket options. Dinner plus 60 minute flamenco show for 40€.
  • Doble de Cepa – Restaurant with daily free flamenco show at 2pm and 9:30pm.
  • Carmen Gastroflamenco – 75 minute flamenco show for 25€.

Flamenco Museum

People interested in learning about flamenco can also visit the Centro Flamenco Fosforito (free entrance). Occupying a legendary 15th century inn called Posada del Potre – which was mentioned in Don Quijote – this multidisciplinary space is dedicated to spreading flamenco.

Apart from regular flamenco performances, the permanent exhibition is very educative and mostly interactive. Flamenco’s techniques (song, guitar, dance and percussion) are demonstrated and visitors can learn by practicing. It is probably the best flamenco museum in Andalucia.

Flamenco Festivals in Cordoba

Young flamenco dancers in Cordoba, Spain
Young flamenco dancers in Cordoba

During most festivities and celebrations, it is also common to see flamenco music and dance all over the city. May and June are the best months of the year to see flamenco in Córdoba:

  • The Certamen de Academias de Baile (Dance Academies Competition) takes place during the Celebración de las Cruces de Mayo (Festival of the Crosses of May), which happens at the beginning of May. For a week, the students of all the flamenco schools in the city perform at the different stages set next to the crosses as well as in the main stage in Plaza de las Tendillas.
  • Celebrated every year during the last week of May, Cordoba’s Fair (Feria de Cordoba) is the climax of May’s festivities in the city. During that week, Cordoba is in party mode. The fairground of El Arenal, located 1.7 km (1 mile) south-east of the city, is the fiesta’s official location. It is here that local women parade proudly with their latest flamenco dresses and flamenco music is celebrated day and night.
  • The Noche Blanca del Flamenco (White Night of Flamenco) takes place in the middle of June and attracts some of the best flamenco artists in the world. On that night, stages are set all over the city (from the Alcazar’s gardens to Plaza de la Corredera and many more) and there is an array of flamenco performances for locals and visitors to enjoy. All of them for free.
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