Is it worth seeing a flamenco show in Madrid?

Yes! Madrid is one of the best places in Spain to experience an authentic flamenco show with top-quality performers. The city is home to several historic flamenco tablaos that attract some of the best talent of the whole country.

Patricia Palacios, co-founder of España Guide
España Guide Co-Founder
Patricia is an engineer turned content creator who for over a decade has been helping travelers navigate her native Spain. In addition to her own website, her tips and recommendations have been featured on BBC Travel, CNN, El País & Lonely Planet, just to name a few.

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Patricia Palacios, co-founder of España Guide
España Guide Co-Founder
Patricia is an engineer turned content creator who for over a decade has been helping travelers navigate her native Spain. In addition to her own website, her tips and recommendations have been featured on BBC Travel, CNN, El País & Lonely Planet, just to name a few.

This article might include affiliate links, allowing us to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Check our disclosure page for more info.

Which flamenco show is the best in Madrid?

We can’t say that there is one definitive flamenco show in Madrid that is the best since there are so many really good ones. Each venue offers a completely different experience.

Some have better lighting and sound than others. Some have a larger stage that can accommodate more dancers or let them move around much more freely. Some offer drinks and meals during the show while others do not as to avoid any unnecessary distraction.

Ultimately, deciding which venue to choose comes down to the experience that you think will fit best for you. The other big factor of course is the price of the ticket.

Which flamenco show is the best? To help you answer that question we have hand-selected the top 5 tablaos (stages/venues) and detailed the advantages and disadvantages of each venue. Continue reading to find out!

The Best Flamenco Shows in Madrid


Tablao Flamenco Torres Bermejas

Torres Bermejas – One of the best flamenco shows in Madrid

There is a reason Torres Bermejas is one of Madrid’s most popular venues for flamenco. They put on an amazing show and have fantastic food. If you want to experience authentic Spanish cuisine with a high quality flamenco show, then this is the place you should book.

You can book your ticket with a preset menu or order a la carte with an entrance ticket. Tickets start at 28€, making it one of the best values of any flamenco show in Madrid.

We really like the setting for the Torres Bermejas show. The decor is charming with moorish design that has been inspired by the Alhambra in Granada. The room is also very well arranged so that a great view is pretty much guaranteed.

Three flamenco dancers at Torres Bermejas, Madrid
Flamenco dance at Torres Bermejas

The artist lineup usually includes 1 singer,1 guitarist, 2 female dancers and 1 male dancer but they do change weekly.

The only downside we can think of is the possibility of distractions with the movement of waiters and people eating and drinking during the show.

Address: Calle de Mesonero Romanos 11, 28013 Madrid


Teatro Flamenco Madrid

Mesmerizing dancer with a bata de cola (long-tailed gown)

The Teatro Flamenco Madrid is another one of our favorite shows in the city. The theater is spacious, but not too big – you will still feel like you are right up in the action. The front half of the room has small tables for 2-4 people and the back half of the room is made up of 3 rows of auditorium style seating. Every seat in the house has great views to the performance.

The Teatro Flamenco has an above average production quality with some of the best sound equipment and lighting that we have seen at a flamenco show. The performance consisted of 1 guitarist, 2 male singers, and 3 dancers (2 female and 1 male). We found the music to be really top notch with the singers and the guitarist really harmonizing well together.

Three dancers at the stage of Teatro Flamenco Madrid
Three dancers at the stage of Teatro Flamenco Madrid

The showstopper was without a doubt the female dancer that donned the stage in a bata de cola (long-tailed gown). This spectacular dress takes considerable effort to dance with and is absolutely mesmerizing as the dancer whips it around the stage.

The Teatro Flamenco Madrid is not a venue that offers dinner. They do have a ham & cheese plate as well as a bar. You can enjoy these before and during the show, but once the show starts, the bar closes down. The theater recommends to arrive 30 minutes early so you can get settled in and relax with a drink before the shows starts.

Overall, for the quality of the show and the price of 29€ for the ticket, you can’t go wrong.

Address: Calle del Pez 10, 28004 Madrid


Essential Flamenco – Tablao Torero

Passionate flamenco dancer at Teatro Tablao Flamenco Torero

Teatro Tablao Flamenco Torero is all about flamenco in its purest form. The Essential Flamenco show takes place in an old brick basement with an arched ceiling that produces amazing acoustics. Because of this setting, there is no need for any amplification and instead you only hear and feel each instrument directly.

It is quite an experience to feel the vibrations from the tapping of the stage and the extra realism that comes from being so up close and personal. The basement setting harkens back to the foundations of flamenco when it was first performed in small intimate settings in the famous caves of Sacromonte in Granada.

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We found the Essential Flamenco show to be very unique because there is much more focus on the musicians when compared to other venues. This is probably due to the rather small stage and the fact that it is pretty obvious that they want to showcase the full musical spectrum of flamenco with a room that really allows the audience to enjoy the sound.

Torero, one of best flamenco tablaos in Madrid, Spain
Torero, one of best flamenco tablaos in Madrid

Besides having dancers and a guitarist, the show also featured a violinist and percussionist on the cajon (a wooden box popularized in the 70’s by the legendary Paco de Lucía).

The artistic direction for the Essential Flamenco show is designed by the famous Juan el Mistela, who also dances in some of the shows. Prices range from 35€ - 50€ and include a complimentary drink at the bar on arrival.

However, there is no food or drink service during the performance because this establishment does not want any distractions - just a pure experience between the audience and the performers.

Address: Calle de la Cruz 26, 28012 Madrid


Tablao Las Carboneras

Fantastic flamenco show at Tablao Las Carboneras

Tablao Las Carboneras really knows how to put on a good show. The performers which included a guitarist, 2 singers (1 male, 1 female), and 3 dancers (2 female, 1 male) wowed the crowd with one of the most intense shows we have seen in Madrid.

Bailaor (male flamenco dancer) with castanets at Tablao Las Carboneras in Madrid
Dancer with castanets at Tablao Las Carboneras

Tickets go for 45€ and include a drink and tapa. The venue isn’t too large and most of the seats have great views. However, because of the room’s layout, a few of the seats were less than optimal. While the front rows consist of normal tables and chairs, the back rows are made up of bar tables and stools without backs.

We also found the acoustics and lighting in the room to be of lesser quality than in other tablaos. But to be fair, this was less noticeable once the show really kicked into gear. The performers really shined and judging by the crowd’s reaction, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience – ourselves included.

Address: Calle del Conde de Miranda 1, 28005 Madrid


Corral de la Morería

Stage at Corral de la Morería
C. Lucas Abreu © Madrid Destino

Corral de la Morería is one of the most prominent flamenco tablaos in Madrid and has a history that goes back more than half a century. Throughout the years, it has been visited by a long list of famous people including Hollywood actors and politicians.

With that being said, it is also one of the most expensive shows in the city. The question is, is it worth it or is it any better than other tablaos? Is it all hype or does it actually deliver?

The answer depends on who you ask and your luck. There is no doubt that the performers are world class and put on a fantastic show. However, if you are unlucky, you might get seated in the back or behind one of the many huge wooden columns. And if that happens, it doesn’t really matter how great the show is if you can’t see well.

Intense flamenco dance at Corral de la Morería in Madrid, Spain
Intense flamenco dance at Corral de la Morería
C. Lucas Abreu © Madrid Destino

If you choose to have dinner during the show, you may be in for a special treat. The restaurant boasts a Michelin star which is quite extraordinary and not what one would expect from a dinner theater. But there are many reviews that complain about the same thing – food being undercooked or cold.

Ticket prices for the show are 49.95€ with a drink included which, for a tablao with such a long history and prestige, is quite reasonable. And for 103.85€ you can get a full three-course Michelin star meal plus the show. That price is very hard to argue with.

Address: Calle de la Morería 17, 28005 Madrid

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More Flamenco in Madrid

Bailaora with long-tailed gown
© Tablao Las Tablas

Tablao Las Tablas is among the most highly regarded flamenco stages in Madrid. It features an intimate setting with a modern flare, designed for the comfort of both the audience and the artists.

The 60 minute performance, as with most other flamenco shows in Madrid, is divided into sections that feature solo dances, couples dances, singing and guitar, and solo guitar. The artists stand out for their great artistic qualities and passionate performance.

The lighting, acoustics and staging are also excellent, taking advantage of modern technology while maintaining the spontaneity and freshness so characteristic of flamenco.

Tickets at Tablao Las Tablas start at 45€ (one drink included). It is also possible to book a ticket with dinner for 108€.

Address: Plaza de España 9, 28008 Madrid

Open since 2015, Café Ziryab is a laid back flamenco stage that offers quality flamenco shows in a charming setting. It is a bit different from other flamenco tablaos in Madrid, less touristy and more down to earth.

The artist lineup usually includes two dancers, one singer and one guitarist. All of them are mesmerizing both individually and as a group. You can clearly see how much passion they put into performing.

Café Ziryab offers a 1-hour flamenco show from Wednesday to Sunday. Tickets cost 32€ (one drink included).

This venue also features a lovely outdoor terrace, perfect for a drink before or after the show.

Address: Plaza de la Esperanza 17, 28005 Madrid

Flamenco dance with a shawl
© Centro Cultural Flamenco de Madrid

Madrid’s Centro Cultural Flamenco opened its doors in 2019. It’s located in the trendy Chueca neighborhood, which actually has a long flamenco tradition.

It features an intimate setting that hosts up to 54 people. Its goal is for the attendees to experience flamenco in its purest form, without distractions. For that purpose, neither microphones or sound amplification are used, nor drinks or meals are served.

The show at Centro Cultural Flamenco de Madrid also stands out for the variety of characteristic accessories used during the show: castanets, tambourines, shawls, tail gowns, etc.

Shows take place from Wednesday to Sunday and tickets cost 25€, making Centro Cultural one of the cheapest flamenco shows in Madrid.

Before or after the show, you also have the opportunity to tour the cultural center dedicated to flamenco, its art gallery and shop.

Address: Calle del Conde de Xiquena 6, 28004 Madrid

Passionate bailaor
© Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo

If you are really interested in flamenco and want more than just attending a show, then Taberna Flamenca el Cortijo has you covered.

The 2h long flamenco experience starts with an introduction into this iconic and passionate art form. You will learn about its history and, if you are up for the challenge, even try out a few dance steps.

Finally, you will sit back and enjoy an authentic flamenco show.

This 2h flamenco experience is available from Thursday to Sunday. The price is 30€. It's also possible to book a ticket with dinner for 48€, which will give you the opportunity to delight your taste buds with a tasty traditional Spanish dinner before the flamenco experience starts.

Address: Calle de Josefa Díaz 4, 28038 Madrid

What to know before you visit a flamenco tablao

How long is a flamenco show?

Almost all flamenco performances last 1 hour. However, it is best to arrive a little earlier. Many venues actually recommend to arrive 30 minutes before the show. That way you can get your drinks or even begin with your meal.

Arriving early can also help you to get a better seat. Although not all venues operate like this, many of them will give better seats based on a first come, first serve basis.

Can you take photos or videos during a flamenco show?

Most tablaos in Madrid will allow for photos or short videos during the show. However, please remember not to use flash at any time because it is a huge distraction to the performers and the audience.

Is it better to see flamenco in Madrid, Barcelona or Seville?

If we had to choose, we would much prefer to see a flamenco show in either Madrid or Seville – skip Barcelona.

Flamenco originates from Andalusia in the south of Spain and so naturally, Seville is a hotspot for talent. But Madrid has its own flamenco scene that is very active and also highly recommended.

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