HOW TO GET TO the Alhambra Palace

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Best way to get to the Alhambra

  • If you are in the city of Granada, use the public bus. It is easy, practical and very cheap.
  • You can also walk, however from the city center it will be an uphill climb.
  • If you are out of Granada, arrive via the A-44 and follow the signs to the Alhambra’s parking.


The entrance to the Alhambra is located about a 20 - 30 minute uphill walk from the city center. Since there is a lot of walking to do inside of the Alhambra, we recommend you to take the bus on the way there and walk back down to the city center at the end of the visit. It’s a nice walk down – especially since it’s all downhill! You will find yourself immersed in nature, with the impressive wall of the Alhambra complex stretching along your side.

If you still want to walk up to the Alhambra, then you have mainly two options. Both of them are pretty straightforward:

  • Start at Plaza Nueva and follow the street Cuesta de Gomérez. Continue on Cuesta de Gomérez until reaching the Pabellón de Entrada (Alhambra’s access point).
  • Start at the end of Paseo del Padre Manjón (or Paseo de los Tristes) and cross the river at the Aljibillo bridge. From there, follow the street Cuesta del Rey Chico (or Cuesta de los Chinos) to the Alhambra’s entrance.


There are two city bus lines connecting the city with the Alhambra Palace:

  • The bus line C30 links the Alhambra to Granada’s city center. Click here for more information about its exact itinerary, schedule, etc.
  • The bus line C32 links the Alhambra to Granada’s city center and the Albaicín neighborhood. Click here for more information about its exact itinerary, schedule, etc.

These buses run every 5 to 15 minutes everyday from 7am til 11pm and one bus ticket costs 1.40€. The most useful stop for visitors is the one at Plaza de Isabel la Católica. The line C32 also stops at Gran Via 5, very close to the Granada Cathedral.



Keep in mind that private cars’ access to Granada’s city center is very restricted. For example, cars aren’t allowed to access the Alhambra from the city center. If you are staying in downtown Granada, we recommend you to leave the car in the parking and get to the Alhambra by either bus, foot or taxi.


If you are coming from outside the city, you should be arriving via the A-44 (motorway Bailén - Motril). This motorway passes just west of Granada. You will need to take the exit to “Ronda Sur (A-395)” which already has a clear sign for the Alhambra. About 5 km (3 miles) later, follow the exit 5A where “Alhambra” is again clearly signalized.

Click here to see the a map of the access route.


The Alhambra Public Parking has space for 500 cars and is under surveillance 24 hours a day. It is divided in four zones. The first one on arrival is for buses and vans. The last one is the closest to the Alhambra’s entrance (Pabellón de Acceso), where you will also find the ticket office. As such, is the first one to fill up.

The parking price ranges from 2.75€ for 1 h up to a maximum of 18.85€ per day.

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If you are in the city center, a taxi is a very convenient way of getting to the Alhambra. The closest taxi stop from downtown to the Alhambra is at Plaza Nueva. From there, expect to pay around 7 or 8 €. From other parts of the city, the taxi to the Alhambra can cost up to 12€. From the airport, expect to pay between 25 and 30€.

  • Pide Taxi Granada: +34 958 28 00 00
  • Radio Taxi Genil: +34 958 13 23 23

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