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Which Ticket should I buy?

The first thing you need to know when booking your Alhambra ticket is what kind of admission you should buy. Officially, there are many different tickets sold that give you access to certain parts of the palace complex and others not. Some tickets don’t even include the highlight of the Alhambra, the Nasrid Palaces. We think that if you are visiting the Alhambra, you should see the whole thing, and most importantly, you should see the best parts! For this reason we only sell admission tickets that give you complete access to the Alhambra, including the Nasrid palaces and the Generalife gardens.

Intricate arch inside the Alhambra's Nasrid Palaces in Granada, Spain
Intricate arch inside the Alhambra's Nasrid Palaces

Should I Get a Guided Tour of the Alhambra?

If you ask us, YES! Taking part in a guided tour of the Alhambra is the number one recommendation we have for anyone visiting it for the first time. Not only does the Alhambra have a lot to see, but there’s so much interesting history surrounding it that it definitely makes sense to be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide. It is one thing to look at a palace room with incredibly detailed decorations and it is another to have it brought to life and made into a story by someone that knows the place and its history inside and out.

Do I need to Buy Alhambra Tickets in Advance?

Almost 3 million people visit the Alhambra Palace every year and since the number of admissions per day is limited, you are better off booking your ticket well in advance – we are talking about several weeks or even months earlier in high season. Do not show up to the ticket counter in person and expect to get a ticket. And even if you are lucky enough to get a ticket in person, you will for sure be unlucky when it comes to waiting in line.

But there is no need to worry if the tickets are sold out for your traveling dates, since there is another way to secure access. If you can’t get your hands on a normal admission ticket, it’s usually possible to get into the Alhambra with a guided tour. This is actually a win-win in our opinion, since getting a proper tour of the Alhambra from a knowledgable guide is the best way to experience it.

Pay Attention to Your Time Slot for the Nasrid Palaces!

So you’ve decided to purchase an Alhambra ticket with full access that includes the immaculate Nasrid Palaces - perfect. Just make sure you take note of the time slot that is assigned to you on your ticket! You don’t want to show up at the doors of the Nasrid Palaces and be turned away because you missed your time slot. It’s sad but it does happen. Don’t let it happen to you.

Get your Alhambra ticket to visit this gorgeous patio at the Generalife in Granada, Spain
Get your Alhambra ticket to visit this gorgeous patio at the Generalife

Bring Your ID!

Often times upon entering, Alhambra staff will check that your ID matches the name on your ticket. If that happens and you don’t have identification, you will not be allowed to enter. Again, this is a horrible situation, but it does unfortunately happen. You should bring an ID even if you are taking part in a guided tour.

Alhambra Tickets Sold Out – What Now?

Like we have already mentioned, if you find that there are not more tickets for sale on the day or time you want to visit, consider booking a guided tour. The price is more expensive but it is worth every penny. If you don’t want to take part in a guided tour, there are a few more options that might make it possible to see the Alhambra.

  • Arrive at the Alhambra Ticket Office early in the morning. These tickets are limited and queues form way before the office opens at 8am. Also, keep in mind that you can only buy tickets for that same day.
  • If “general daytime tickets” are sold out, you can almost always buy a ticket to visit the Nasrid Palaces at night.
  • Purchase a Granada Card for 40€, which almost always has available slots for visiting the Alhambra. The card includes the ticket for the Alhambra (Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces and Generalife), other main touristic attractions as well as 9 trips in the local bus system.

Children under 12 Years Get Free Entry

Even though children under 12 years enter for free, tickets must be generated at the same time as the others are purchased, because all visitors must carry a ticket when entering the complex.

Visitors admiring the Alhambra's Nasrid Palaces in Granada, Andalusia
Visitors admiring the Alhambra's Nasrid Palaces

How Long Do I Need for my Alhambra Visit?

Plan around 3 hours for seeing everything. But realistically plan on a little longer. You will want to take your time and have several breaks. Guided tours last around 3 hours and usually end at the Generalife which is still a decent walk to the exit. After the tour ends, you can still stay longer and check out the Charles V Palace which has an Alhambra museum inside.

If you book a complete admission ticket – and not a tour – take note that the whole complex closes down at 8 PM in the summer and 6 PM in the winter. So do not buy a ticket too close to closing time. If you buy a ticket for 7PM in the summer for example, you will only have 1 hour to see it all. That’s not enough time and you will be sadly disappointed.

In Which Order Should I Visit Each Area within the Alhambra?

Check out this map of the Alhambra. It shows a circular path which is recommended so that you do not have to do any backtracking. Normally, we suggest to start off with the Charles V Palace and the Alcazaba to then enter the Nasrid Palaces during your time slot. From there, head to the Generalife. If you are pressed for time at the beginning, you can always see the Charles V Palace at the end since you can leave and re-enter at your own leisure.

Where Can You Eat in the Alhambra?

For lunch or snacks there are a few possibilities. A kiosk located next to the Alcazaba sells drinks, sandwiches and other simple food. If you prefer a nice sit-down meal, the only other option within the Alhambra complex is the restaurant of the Parador Hotel. It has a terrace with fantastic views to the Generalife and its gardens.

How Do I get to the Alhambra?

Whether you are coming from the city center or out of town, see our How to get to the Alhambra page for detailed info.

Alhambra Opening Times & Prices

Opening Times icon indicating when the monument is open

From April 1st to October 14th:
Day visits: Monday to Sunday:
- Visit hours: 8:30am to 8pm
- Ticket office hours: 8am to 8pm

Night visits: Tuesday to Saturday:
- Visit hours: 10pm to 11:30pm
- Ticket office hours: 9pm to 10:45pm

From October 15th to March 31st:
Day visits: Monday to Sunday:
- Visit hours: 8:30am to 6pm
- Ticket office hours: 8am to 6pm

Night visits: Tuesday to Saturday:
- Visit hours: 8pm to 9:30pm
- Ticket office hours: 7pm to 8:45pm

The Alhambra is closed on December 25th and January 1st

Exterior lighting schedule:
- From November 1st to February 28th: from dusk until 2am
- From March 1st to October 31st: from dusk until 4am
- During Easter week, Corpus Christi and Christmas (December 24th to January 5th): from dusk until 6am

Admission icon indicating price of monument

Alhambra Tours:
Skip-the-line Group Tour: from 35.90€
Skip-the-line Private Tour: from 139€

General daytime ticket (full access):
Adults: from 14.85€
Senior citizens, EU citizens with Youth card: 9€
Disabled and children (12 to 15): 8€
Children under 12: free

Garden ticket (doesn't include Nasrid Palaces):
Adults: from 11.42€
EU citizens with Youth card: 6€
Children under 12: free

Night-time ticket Generalife gardens:
Adults: 5€
EU citizens with Youth card: 4€
Children under 12: free

Night-time ticket Nasrid palaces:
Adults: 8€
EU citizens with Youth card: 6€
Children under 12: free

Audioguide / App:
There is no explanatory signage in the Alhambra complex, but several audioguide options are available (4 to 7€).

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