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  • Buy your ticket in advance because they sell out quickly. If they're already sold out, here are some other options
  • Pay attention to your time slot for the Nasrid Palaces
  • Bring an id with you on the day of the visit
Icono de horario de apertura indicando cuando esta abierto el monumento  


April 1 - Oct 14: 8:30am - 8:00pm

Oct 15 - March 31: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Buy Alhambra tickets with access to the Nasrid Palaces – Granada, Spain
Buy Alhambra tickets with access to the Nasrid Palaces
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Types of Alhambra Tickets

The first thing you need to know when booking your Alhambra ticket is what kind of admission you should buy. Officially, there are many different tickets sold that give you access to certain parts of the palace complex and others not. Some tickets don’t even include the highlight of the Alhambra, the Nasrid Palaces.

We think that if you are visiting the Alhambra, you should see the whole thing, and most importantly, you should see the best parts! For this reason we highly recommend buying the complete admission ticket that gives you full access to the Alhambra, including the Nasrid palaces and the Generalife gardens. And furthermore, you will have an even better overall experience if you take part in a tour with an official guide.

Patio de los Leones (Lions Patio) in the Nasrid Palaces of the Alhambra – Granada, Spain
Patio de los Leones in the Nasrid Palaces of the Alhambra

Options to visit the Alhambra

  1. General Admission (24.59€) – Includes access to the whole complex (Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, Palace of Charles V, Alcazaba and gardens).
  2. Dobla de Oro (33.50€) – Includes the full admission ticket to the Alhambra (Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, etc.) and access to other Andalusí monuments in the Albaicín neighborhood such as the Corral del Carbón, Arab baths El Bañuelo, Dar al-Horra Palace and the moorish houses (Casa Horno de Oro, Casa del Chapiz y Casa Zafra).
  3. Book a tour that includes the entrance ticket – Make the most of your visit to the Alhambra by joining a tour with an official guide. This is our number one recommendation for first time visitors to the Alhambra, it's really worth it!
  4. Gardens Ticket (14.61€) – Includes access to the whole monument with exception of the Nasrid Palaces.
  5. Night-time ticket – We do not recommend this option for first time visitors to the Alhambra. In any case, visitors can choose between two types of night visits: visit around the palaces (only includes the Nasrid Palaces) or visit around the gardens (only includes the Generalife’s garden). These two visits are independent and can’t be done together because they take place at the same time:
    • From October 15th to March 31st: Friday & Saturday from 8pm to 9:30pm
    • From April 1st to October 14th: from Tuesday to Saturday from 10pm to 11:30pm

Alhambra Tickets Sold Out – What Now?

Buy your Alhambra ticket to visit this beautiful courtyard at the Generalife – Granada
Buy your Alhambra ticket to visit this beautiful courtyard at the Generalife

If you find general admission tickets are sold out on the day you want to visit, don’t stress. There are several options available to secure entry to the Alhambra:

  • Buy a Dobla de Oro ticket (33.50€) for a few more euros. This gives you complete access to the Alhambra plus several Andalusi monuments in the Albaicin neighborhood.
  • Take part in a guided tour (45€). Along with a full priority access ticket, you will also have an official guide. This is the best way to visit the Alhambra if it’s your first time.
  • Buy a Granada Card for 40 €. The card includes the full ticket for the Alhambra with an audio guide plus access to Granada’s touristic hop-on hop-off train.
  • Arrive at the Alhambra Ticket Office early in the morning. These tickets are limited and queues form well before the office opens at 8am. Also, keep in mind that you can only buy tickets for that same day.
  • Book a Nasrid Palace night visit. You won’t be able to visit the entire Alhambra, but at least you can see the best part of it.

Visit the Alhambra for Free

Visitors admiring the Nasrid Palaces in the Alhambra, in Granada - Spain
Visitors admiring the Nasrid Palaces in the Alhambra

When is it free to visit the Alhambra?

November 16th is the only time when the entire Alhambra complex is free to enter due to International World Heritage Day. The capacity is limited and it’s still necessary to request tickets through the official website of the Alhambra.

Can you see part of the Alhambra for free?

Yes, much of the Alhambra can be seen for free. The exceptions are for the Nasrid Palaces, the Alcazaba fortress, and the Generalife gardens. That means that the Palace of Charles V, the Alhambra Museum, the Mosque baths and other sites can all be visited for free all year round.

Children under 12 Years Get Free Entry

Children under 12 years enter the Alhambra for free. However, tickets must be generated at the same time as the others are purchased, because all visitors must carry a ticket when entering the complex.

Alhambra Tickets - FAQ

Patio in Granada's Alhambra, Andalusia
Patio in Granada's Alhambra

Should I Get a Guided Tour of the Alhambra?

If you ask us, YES! Taking part in a guided tour of the Alhambra is the number one recommendation we have for anyone visiting it for the first time.

Not only does the Alhambra have a lot to see, but there’s so much interesting history surrounding it that it definitely makes sense to be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide. It is one thing to look at a palace room with incredibly detailed decorations and it is another to have it brought to life and made into a story by someone that knows the place and its history inside and out.

Do I need to Buy Alhambra Tickets in Advance?

Almost 3 million people visit the Alhambra Palace every year and since the number of admissions per day is limited, you are better off booking your ticket well in advance – we are talking about several weeks or even months earlier in high season.

Do not show up to the ticket counter in person and expect to get a ticket. And even if you are lucky enough to get a ticket in person, you will for sure be unlucky when it comes to waiting in line.

But there is no need to worry if the tickets are sold out for your traveling dates, since there is another way to secure access. If you can’t get your hands on a normal admission ticket, it’s usually possible to get into the Alhambra with a guided tour. This is actually a win-win in our opinion, since getting a proper tour of the Alhambra from a knowledgable guide is the best way to experience it.

Pay Attention to Your Time Slot for the Nasrid Palaces!

So you’ve decided to purchase an Alhambra ticket with full access that includes the immaculate Nasrid Palaces - perfect. Just make sure you take note of the time slot that is assigned to you on your ticket! You don’t want to show up at the doors of the Nasrid Palaces and be turned away because you missed your time slot. It’s sad but it does happen. Don’t let it happen to you.

Bring Your ID!

Often times upon entering, Alhambra staff will check that your ID matches the name on your ticket. If that happens and you don’t have identification, you will not be allowed to enter. Again, this is a horrible situation, but it does unfortunately happen. You should bring an ID even if you are taking part in a guided tour.

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