HOW TO GET TO Cordoba, Spain


Although there is technically an airport in Cordoba, no airlines fly there. There are however, three Andalusian airports within a 200 km (124 miles) radius.

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  • Seville’s airport is 130 km (81 miles) away = 1 h 30 min by car
  • Malaga’s airport is 170 km (106 miles) away = 2 h by car
  • Granada’s airport is 190 km (118 miles) away = 2 h by car


Cordoba is located in southern Spain and it is very well connected by a network of highways to the rest of the country. To give you an idea, here is some general information on distances and travel times:

  • Seville is 140 km (87 miles) away = 1 h 40 min by car
  • Malaga is 160 km (99 miles) away = 1 h 45 min by car
  • Granada is 210 km (130 miles) away = 2 h 15 min by car
  • Madrid is 395 km (261 miles) away = 4 h 15 min by car
  • Barcelona is 860 km (534 miles) away = 8 h 30 min by car

While we don’t recommend a rental car for inside Cordoba, it can still be a great option for moving around Andalusia. Having a car gives you quite a bit of freedom while making the most of your time. There are many affordable options and the roads in the area are in good condition.

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In Cordoba there is one main collection point for rental cars at the train station. To find the best deals on rental cars, we recommend Discover Cars, which searches through the web for the best prices.

As a city of 325,000 inhabitants, Cordoba is fairly easy to navigate with a car. However, the Jewish neighborhood and the surroundings of the Great Mosque can get quite tricky. The streets are narrow, busy with tourists and many of them are pedestrian only. It is also very difficult to park in the area. Expect to pay around 15 to 20 €/day for parking in the city.


Cordoba’s train station is located north-west of the city center. To give you an idea, it is 1.8 km away (1.1 miles) from the Mosque. The city bus lines 3 and 5 connect the train station with the city center. For up-to-date information on Cordoba’s city buses:

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Cordoba’s train station is connected to Spain’s high-speed rail network, linking the city with:

  • Sevilla in under 45 min. There are approximately 2 high-speed trains per hour throughout the day. Price 12 to 32€.
  • Malaga in under 50 min. There are over 15 daily high speed trains. Price: 20 to 42€. From Malaga’s train station, it is possible to continue to the airport by train (commuter train C-1).
  • Granada in 1h 20 min. There are about 4 high speed trains per day. Price: 15 to 50€.
  • Madrid in as low as 1h 45min. There are approximately 2 high-speed trains per hour throughout the day. Price: 30 to 63€.
  • Barcelona in just over 4h 30min. There are about 5 direct high speed trains per day and about 10 other trains that require a change in Madrid. Price: 43 to 140€.

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Cordoba’s bus station is located right in front of the train station. ALSA is the main bus company serving the city.

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From Cordoba’s bus station, there are daily buses to:

  • Seville: 7 daily buses with ALSA. Trip duration: 1 h 45 min to 2 h 15 min. Price: 5.50 to 12.67€.
  • Maaga: 4 buses per day with ALSA. In Malaga, some of the buses have an extra stop at the airport. Trip duration: 2 h 15 min to 4 h. Price: 5.50 to 15.50€.
  • Granada: 9 daily buses with ALSA. Trip duration: 2 h 30 min to 4 h 10 min. Price: 5 to 15€.
  • Madrid: 8 buses per day with Socibus. Trip duration: 4 h 15 min to 4 h 50 min. In Madrid, two of the buses have an extra stop at the airport. In that case, the total length of the journey is 5 h 30 min. Price: 17.70 to 24.70€.
  • Barcelona: 1 bus per day with ALSA. Trip duration: 13 h. There is also a daily overnight bus that requires changing bus in Ubeda and takes a total of 15 h. Price: 80 €. Train is much faster and can be as cheap or even cheaper.


Get Around

Once you have decided how to get to Cordoba, make sure to also check out our page How to get around Cordoba with information about the different public transport options in the city as well as parkings, taxis, etc.

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