HOW TO GET AROUND Cordoba, Spain

Best way to move around Cordoba

  • Cordoba’s center is not very large and all attractions are reachable on foot.
  • If needed, taxis are convenient and affordable.
  • Public buses might be useful if you are staying out of the city center or to get to the bus/train stations.
  • The city is fairly easy to navigate by car, with the Jewish neighborhood and Mosque’s surroundings being the exception. There are many pedestrian streets and it is nearly impossible to park.
  • Expect to pay around 15 to 20 € per day for parking in the center.


Cordoba’s city center is small and easy to navigate on foot. If you plan out your day well, you can minimize your walking to about 10 minutes or so between each landmark. Plus, one of the joys of Cordoba is just walking through it and admiring its beauty – the narrow winding streets of the Jewish neighborhood beg to be explored on foot! To give you an idea, here are some walking distances from Cordoba’s Great Mosque:

  • The Jewish quarter is located just west and north of it.
  • 3 min walk to the Roman Bridge.
  • 7 min walk to the Alcazar de Cordoba.
  • 10 min walk to Plaza de la Corredera and, from there, 10 min to Palacio Viana.

Cordoba is a safe city to walk around both day and night. As anywhere else in the world however, common sense should be used. You should always be aware of your surroundings and never leave your belongings unattended. Also, as in any other popular city, be aware of pickpockets in the most touristy/crowded areas.


The company AUCORSA runs 15 bus lines throughout Cordoba’s city center. The most interesting ones for visitors are the following:

  • Line 3 links the bus and train stations with the city center. This bus makes a circle around the Jewish neighborhood, including a stop just a few meters away from the Mosque (stop “Puerta del Puente”). Click here to see its itinerary and stops on the map.
  • Line 5 also connects the bus and train stations with the city center. This line, however, only passes west of the Jewish quarter and doesn’t get that close to the Great Mosque. The closest stop is a 8 - 10 min walk from the Mosque (stop “Glorieta Cruz Roja”). Click here to see its itinerary and stops on the map.
  • Line 12 makes a complete circle around the Jewish quarter, while also stretches both north and south connecting the outskirts of Cordoba. It has a stop just a few meters away from the Mosque (stop “Puerta del Puente”). Click here to see its itinerary and stops on the map.
  • Line 7 links the west and east sides of the city, passing around the Jewish quarter. It might be useful if you aren’t staying in the city center. The closest stop is a 6 min walk from the Mosque (stop “El Potro – La Ribera”).

Also, be aware that during peak traffic hours, buses are slower.


One bus ticket costs 1.30 €, but if you are planning to use the city buses a lot, then the options below might be interesting for you:

  • Bono-Bus Card: 0.72 €/trip
  • Monthly pass (unlimited trips): 33 €

Click here to see where you can buy and recharge the bono-bus card and monthly pass.

Hop-on hop-off Bus

One way to move around Cordoba is using the hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus. This bus has a set route through Cordoba’s main touristic attractions that will allow you to visit them at your own pace and get back in the train whenever you are ready to continue.

On the bus, there are also audio commentaries that will give you some history and anecdotes about the city while you are on the go. The 24-h pass costs 20€.


Taxis in Cordoba are a convenient and affordable way to travel. To give you an idea, the ride from the bus or train station to the Mosque’s surroundings takes 10 to 20 minutes shouldn’t cost more than 10€. The closest taxi stops to the Mosque are:

Once in Cordoba, you will soon realize that the city center is easily explored on foot and there will probably not be more than a couple of occasions when you will need any means of transport. If that is the case, taking a taxi can be much easier than having to figure out the public transport options. It can also be a pretty good deal if you are traveling with more people (splitting the taxi cost instead of several bus tickets).

  • Radio Taxi Cordoba: +34 957 76 44 44


Uber is operating in Cordoba. However, there are not that many drivers which can mean long waiting times. You will usually save a little bit compared to taking a taxi, but it might not be worth the wait.


Cordoba’s center is small and, in general, is fairly easy to navigate with a car. However, the Jewish quarter and the area around the Mosque are the exception. The Jewish neighborhood is made up of winding narrow streets – a lot of them are pedestrian or just not wide enough for cars. It is also very difficult to park in the area. The rest of the city has many more parking garages and hotels with parking.

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If you are not planning to get out of the city, however, you will probably not need/want a car during your stay in Cordoba. Using taxis and/or public transport will end up being a cheaper option, since you will save money on parking and gas.


Although parking prices vary, generally speaking you can expect to pay around 15 to 20 € per day for parking downtown. Here is a list of the largest parkings in Cordoba’s city centre:

Parking La Mezquita Right on the edge of the Jewish quarter, 5 min walk to the Mosque
Calle Cairuán 1
15 €/day
Parking La Ribera Located east of the Mosque, 6 min walk away
Paseo de la Ribera 1
Parking Calle Sevilla Located north of the Mosque, 7 min walk away. Plaza de las Tendillas is just 2 min walk away.
Calle Sevilla 5
18 €/day
Parking Cordoba Centro Located north of the Mosque, 10 min walk away. Plaza de las Tendillas is halfway between the parking and the Mosque.
Calle Conde de Robledo 6
14 €/day
Parking Saba Estación de Tren Located right next to the bus and train stations. The Mosque is a 20 - 25 min walk away.
Glorieta de las Tres Culturas s/n
from 18 €/day

To find the best deals on rental cars, we recommend Discover Cars, which searches through the web for the best prices.

Accommodations in Cordoba with parking

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Renting a bike is a nice way of exploring Cordoba. Its flat terrain makes it perfect for bikes. There are over 70 km of bike lanes in the city. With a bike, you can go for a leisurely ride along the river or venture into the less touristy areas of Cordoba. You can also use the bike to get to the Viana Palace, which is a little bit out of the way.

There are several bike rental companies in Cordoba’s center. You can expect to pay 15 € for the day. Usually there are discounts for renting over several days.

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