Welcome to Mojacar Pueblo

Mojacar Pueblo is a whitewashed Moorish old town nestled on a hilltop in the Sierra Cabrera Mountains. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age around 2000 BC with the Phoenicians being some of the first to call this area home.

Today, Mojacar Pueblo is a delightful stop for visitors staying nearby. Colorful flowers line the quaint streets that circle around the hill offering amazing views to the countryside and the Mojacar Playa neighborhood below. And from the beach, it’s just a 5 minute bus ride or a 30 min walk away.

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Quaint street in Mojacar Pueblo – Almeria, Spain
Quaint street in Mojacar Pueblo

Mojacar was first populated by traders such as the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. But it wasn’t until the 8th century AD that it began to flourish under Moorish rule.

Due to attacks from Christian’s from the north, the town had a castle and watchtower built. Mojacar’s privileged defensive position was not enough to stop the constant onslaught and in 1488 it was finally surrendered.

From the 18th century onward, the town began a gradual decline due to a series of droughts, emigration and eventually, civil war.

Plaza del Parterre in Mojacar Pueblo – Almeria, Spain
Plaza del Parterre

In recent times, the tourism industry has helped to revive the village. It’s a great excursion to take from the nearby beaches. Besides taking a walk through the calm streets, the center has several restaurants with plenty of outdoor seating.

If you come with your own car, we recommend to park below and then walk up. Parking in the center of the village is very limited and the streets get very narrow. A large free parking lot can be found here.

What to Do in Mojacar Pueblo

Plaza Nueva in Mojacar Pueblo – Almeria, Spain
Plaza Nueva

Plaza Nueva (New Square) is the main square of Mojacar Pueblo and is the area with the most buzz. You’ll find restaurants, bars and shops in the square and the surrounding cobblestone streets.

The Mirador de la Plaza Nueva (New Square Lookout) is conveniently located in the corner of the New Square and offers some of the best views of the valley below.

Views from the castle’s lookout – Mojacar Pueblo, Almeria, Spain
Views from the castle’s lookout

The other main look out in the pueblo is the Mirador del Castillo (Castle’s lookout). After a steep climb up from the Plaza Nueva you will reach the highest point of the village and finally the lookout. Your efforts will be rewarded with magnificent views of Mojacar’s coastline and the Mediterranean.

While the Fuente Pública or Fuente Mora (Moorish Fountain) is pretty ordinary to look at, it does contain a lot of history. The fountain, located in a bottom corner of the village, has been a vital water source as well as the center of social life for centuries.

Residents still use it to fill up their drinking water. The fountain is also the site where the Moors surrendered to the Catholics in 1488.

Beautiful house in Mojacar Pueblo – Almeria, Spain
Beautiful house in Mojacar Pueblo
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When to Visit Mojacar Pueblo

In Mojacar Pueblo, market day is on Wednesday. There are stands selling fruit, vegetables, fish, flowers, clothing and artisanal objects. It takes place around the Plaza del Rey Alabez in the lower part of the village.

The rastrillo (flea market) is on Sunday morning and takes place next to the fountain.

Alleyway behind the Santa Maria Church – Mojacar Pueblo, Spain
Alleyway behind the Santa Maria Church
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