Pedregalejo beach offers a more relaxed and village like atmosphere compared to the busier urban beaches of Malaga such as La Malagueta. There are six individual coves that form breakwaters making the conditions nice and calm for swimming.

But probably Pedregalejo’s biggest draw are the many restaurants that line the seaside promenade. Make sure to try some fresh espetos (sardines) that are grilled directly on the beach!

Services & Facilities in Pedregalejo

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Pedregalejo Beach

Seafront promenade full of bars & restaurants at Pedregalejo Beach, Malaga
Seafront promenade full of bars & restaurants

Pedregalejo beach, also known as Las Acacias beach, is located just 5 km from Malaga’s center. The beach is 1,200 m long and about 20 m wide. While it can get busy, it’s usually not too crowded and the atmosphere is far more relaxed than other beaches in Malaga.

Even though it is more laid-back, Pedregalejo beach does still offer a lot of the services and facilities that you would expect from any urban beach. There are lifeguards, showers, kiosks and sunbeds/umbrellas for rent.

Waterbreak in Pedregalejo's beach, Malaga – Spain
Waterbreak in Pedregalejo's beach

Thanks to the 6 manmade coves, Pedregalejo beach is very calm. The exception is when the ferry from Melilla passes and causes what locals refer to as “la ola del Melillero.”

When this occurs, the large ferry causes the tide to quickly change and sends water rushing up the beach. So if you see the ferry passing, make sure your towels and belonging don’t get wet!

Pedregalejo is one of the most traditional fishing neighborhoods of Malaga. You will see plenty of old wooden fishing boats on the beach. These, along with the lack of high rise buildings, adds to Pedregalejo’s charm. You definitely feel more like you are in a village than in the city.

Espetos being grilled right at the Pedregalejo beach, Malaga – Spain
Espetos being grilled right at the beach

With the fishing tradition also comes one of Pedregalejo’s best features – fresh fish and seafood! The boardwalk is packed with restaurants grilling espetos (sardines’ skewers).

You can see them being cooked up on the beach in little boat-shaped bbqs. Although the most typical grill skewers are espetos, they also do meat, chorizo and vegetables.

Espeto of sardines in Pedregalejo, Malaga – Spain
Espeto of sardines in Pedregalejo

How to Get to Pedregalejo

To get from the center of Malaga to Pedregalejo you can take the city bus lines 3, 11 and 34. Driving will take less than 15 minutes.

But our favorite way to get there is by bike.Rent a bike in Malaga and then go through the Muelle Uno port. Continue along La Malagueta beach and the coast until you reach Pedregalejo.

Pedregalejo EN - Bike Icon    Bike along the coast: Get the best deals on rental bikes

With paths all along the water, it is a very enjoyable ride and one of our favorite things to do in Malaga.

Best Hotels in Pedregalejo



La Chancla Hotel which translates as “The Sandal Hotel,” is our favorite place to stay in Pedregalejo. It’s a small boutique hotel that has a young and fresh vibe. It also ticks off pretty much every box for being a perfect laid back beach retreat.

For starters, it’s located directly on the beach and has sunbeds with umbrellas just steps outside the door. The hotel’s decor is beachy and tastefully designed. The hotel’s restaurant cooks up delicious food and the breakfast is fantastic. There’s even a rooftop self-service bar with a jacuzzi that overlooks the sea.

Room with sea views at La Chancla hotel in Pedregalejo, Malaga
Room with sea views at La Chancla Hotel

La Chancla has everything you could possibly want for a relaxing vacation. But it is also perfectly located. Just walk down the boardwalk and enjoy any of the numerous restaurants that Pedregalejo has to offer.

And if you want to explore even further, you are just a short bus ride away from Malaga’s center. There isn’t even a need to hire a car.

Modern bar at La Chancla Hotel in Pedregalejo, Malaga
Modern bar at La Chancla Hotel

There’s a reason why some people call La Chancla “Pedregalejo’s best kept secret.” We couldn’t agree more.



Elcano is another great hotel in Pedregalejo, however, it’s not located directly on the beach. But it does have large rooms and comfy beds. The breakfast is delicious, the staff is friendly and the hotel has everything you need. The room prices are also pretty competitive.

Restaurant at Hotel Elcano in Pedregalejo – Malaga
Restaurant at Hotel Elcano in Pedregalejo

If you want to go to Malaga’s center, there’s a bus stop literally 10 meters away from the hotel. You can be in the center of the city in less than 20 minutes.

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