Where to Eat in Malaga

There is no shortage of places to eat in Malaga’s classy old town. And we all know that good food starts with good ingredients. The city is home to the Atarazanas Market which is one of the best markets in all of Andalusia and supplies the local restaurants with a vast array of seafood, fish and anything else you can possibly imagine.

We have painstakingly eaten our way through the city to find the best of the best. Here are our top picks for tapas, drinks and even desserts.

Top Five Bars & Restaurants in Malaga



Yummy smoothie and yogur bowl at Byoko in Malaga, Spain
Yummy breakfast at Byoko

Byoko is a hipster’s breakfast dream. But a tasty dream indeed! There is no shortage of different types of organic avocado toasts or their various yogurt bowls stuffed full with chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and every other kind of super food and fruit you can image.

Malaga Restaurants Icon - Tapas tour    Tapas tour: Take a culinary tour through Malaga by sampling local wines and original tapas creations

Don’t miss out on the smoothies either. All of their dishes are colorful, beautiful and super tasty. It’s instagram breakfast come to life.

Address: Calle Strachan 5 // Plaza de la Merced 22



Black rice with monkfish, cuttlefish and prawns at Doña Ines, Malaga
Black rice with seafood at Doña Inés

Doña Inés offers traditional Spanish cuisine in a modern setting in the Soho neighborhood of Malaga. The atmosphere is shaped by its simple but elegant interior décor.

This together with the food and some good company will for sure make for a memorable evening. Some of the star dishes are the avocado with scallops, the suckling lamb shoulder and the lobster risotto.

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Doña Inés offers not only great food but also has the service to match. The staff is friendly, helpful and super professional.

For all of these reasons Doña Inés is one of our top 5 restaurants in Malaga.

Address: Plaza Poeta Alfonso Canales 5



Classic Spanish album covers on the walls of La Tranca
La Tranca's retro interior

La Tranca is a lively bar with a great atmosphere. The walls are covered with classic Spanish album covers and other local paraphernalia. Try some of their vermouth from the barrel or a vermouth aliñado (vermouth, gin & soda). The food is simple, cheap and very tasty.

They specialize in empanadas. You will find all of the different types written on a chalk board (spinach, beef, cheese with onion, four cheeses, chicken with mushrooms, ham with cheese, etc.). La Tranca is a great place to go for a drink and some nice small bites to eat.

Address: Calle Carretería 92



Octopus with potato foam accompanied by baby potatoes with kimchi – La Barra de Zapata, Malaga
Octopus dish at La Barra de Zapata

La Barra de Zapata is not a traditional tapas bar. Instead, it offers creative Spanish tapas with a unique twist. The menu is short but each dish is elaborate. And all the dishes have a great presentation, they are like pieces of art. One of the local favorites is the black bao bun (made with squid ink) with pulled pork and eggplant chips.

Malaga Restaurants Boat Icon - sunset catamaran trip    Discover Malaga from the water taking part in this sunset catamaran trip with an included glass of cava

La Barra de Zapata is also perfectly located in the heart of Malaga’s old town. The bar is tucked away in a tight pedestrian street and the outdoor terrace has lovely views of the cathedral tower.

Address: Calle Salinas 10



Casa Mira Andrés Pérez, home to some of the best ice cream in the world in Malaga
Best ice cream in the world

Casa Mira Andrés Pérez could very well be the best ice cream you ever tasted. With that being said, not all of their flavors are equal. But there are a few that will bring a tear of joy to your eye.

Make sure to try these flavors: trufa montada (chocolate truffle mousse), nata montada (cream mousse), málaga and turrón (which is a type of Spanish almond nougat candy). The turrón flavor is especially tasty in their “blanco y negro” ice coffee.

Casa Mira has been around for over 100 years and is an institution in Malaga. You will find a lot of them around the city, however, many are owned by different relatives of the original founder. Because of that, many of the flavors will vary from one location to the next.

Our favorite is Casa Mira Andrés Pérez. The interior is a beautiful mix of old world charm with modern touches. Hands down, this is our favorite place in Malaga.

Address: Calle Andrés Pérez 10

More Restaurants in Malaga



Interior of the restaurant La Antxoeta in Malaga, Spain
Interior of the restaurant La Antxoeta

La Antxoeta is a small intimate restaurant located in the Soho neighborhood, right next to the old town. The restaurant serves up a gourmet dining experience with a menu that changes based on the season.

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The ingredients are fresh and great detail is given to each dish. The staff is very knowledgeable and goes over the top to meet your expectations.

Although the prices are higher than average for Malaga, we still recommend it for those looking for something special. Call ahead for reservations.

Address: Calle Barroso 7



Barrels of local sweet wine at the lively Antigua Casa de Guardia in Malaga, Spain
Large selection of local sweet wines at Antigua Casa de Guardia

Antigua Casa de Guardia is one of the oldest wine bars in the city. Entering the bar is like stepping back in time. It was open in 1840 and it looks as though it was never changed.

You won’t find any bar stools in this place. The only furniture is the bar table itself which also doubles as a calculator for the barmen who will write your bill in chalk when you are ready to pay.

Behind the bar table are barrels stacked upon barrels which fill the entire back wall. This is the perfect place to sample local Malaga wines which are generally pretty sweet. They are served in small glasses and are very cheap. If you like vermouth, then you must try theirs – it’s delicious!

Address: Alameda Principal 18



Chocolate and churros at Casa Aranda in Malaga, Spain
Chocolate and churros at Casa Aranda

If you like chocolate and churros, Casa Aranda is the place to go. It’s located conveniently right next to the Atarazanas Market and has the best churros in town at an unbeatable price. It’s been around since 1932 and the place couldn’t be more popular.

Address: Calle Herrería del Rey 3

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