HOW TO GET TO SEVILLE from the airport

Best way to get to Seville’s center from the airport

Seville’s San Pablo airport (SVQ) is located 10 km north-east of the city centre. To get from the airport to downtown, there are several options:

  • The bus line EA is the most affordable option (4€) and links the airport with the city center in 35 to 50 minutes.
  • Taking a taxi or private transfer is a very convenient alternative. You will be downtown in about 20 minutes. Expect to pay around 25€.
  • Renting a car is always an option, but keep in mind that you will most probably not need a car while in Seville.
  • There isn’t any train or metro connection between the airport and Seville’s center.


The public bus line EA (“Especial Aeropuerto”) links the airport with the city centre in 35 to 50 minutes. It runs everyday from 5:20am to 1:15am (airport to Seville) and from 4:30am to 12:30am (Seville to airport). There is one bus every 25-30 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 4€. A round-trip ticket (within the same day) costs 6€.

The EA bus line also stops at both Seville’s train (Santa Justa) and bus (Plaza de Armas) stations.

Unless you are going to/from the airport, avoid taking the EA bus line since it is almost 3 times more expensive than other buses within the city (4€ vs 1.4€)

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Taxi is a very convenient way to get from Seville’s airport to downtown. The ride takes about 20 minutes and the prices are fixed for any transfer between the airport and the city as follows:

Weekdays – 7am to 9pm 24.98€
Weekdays – 9pm to 7am
Weekends & holidays
Easter & April Fair – 7am to 9pm
Easter & April Fair – 9pm to 7am 34.79€

If you call for a taxi, you will be charged extra for the journey of the taxi to the pick up point.


As with taxis, the trip from the airport to the city center by car takes about 20 minutes.

Keep in mind that although it is very easy to travel by car in between cities in Andalusia, getting into Seville’s city center can be quite stressful. The old town is a labyrinth of narrow one way streets (some of them very, very narrow), full of access and parking restrictions.

With that being said, if you are up for the challenge, make sure to look up a parking garage prior to your arrival, set it as destination in your GPS and go straight there. Expect to pay around 25€ per day for parking downtown.

If you are not planning to get out of the city, however, you will probably not need/want a car during your stay in Seville. Using taxis and/or public transport will end up being a cheaper option, since you will save money on parking and gas. Our recommendation would be not to rent a car on arrival and only do it when you are leaving the city.

Get to Seville from Airport Car Icon - Traveling in Spain    Don't miss: Get the best deals on rental cars in Spain

Having a car in Andalusia gives you quite a bit of freedom while making the most of your time. There are many rental car companies operating at Seville’s airport and the Santa Justa train station, both international and local.

Generally speaking, rental cars are quite affordable in the region and the roads are in good condition. To find the best deals on rental cars, we recommend Discover Cars, which searches through the web for the best prices.


Uber is operating in Seville. However, there are not that many drivers which can mean long waiting times. You will usually save a little bit in comparison to taxis, but it might not be worth the wait.

Private Transfer

There are several transfer companies offering both private and shared transfers between the airport and the city center. You can find a list of options here.

Once you have arrived

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