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Where to Eat in Cadiz

If one thing can be said about the food scene in Cadiz, it’s that you get really high quality dishes for a really reasonable price. Considering how small the city is, it’s amazing how many fantastic restaurants there are. Whether you are looking for a traditional local tapa experience or something more avant-garde, Cadiz will surely delight your tastebuds.

Top Five Bars & Restaurants in Cadiz



Swordfish belly with ratatouille at Ultramar&nos in Cadiz, Spain
Swordfish belly with ratatouille at Ultramar&nos

Ultramar&Nos is a modern restaurant/bar with a solid selection of tasty dishes that won’t leave you bored. Some of our recommendations are swordfish belly with ratatouille, tuna with noodles, American style pork ribs and cod croquettes. The service is friendly and there is a nice casual atmosphere. The price to quality ratio is excellent.

Address: Calle Enrique de las Marinas 2D



Duck with pear at Garage Bistro & Bar in Cadiz, Spain
Duck with pear at Garage Bistro & Bar

The Garage Bistro is located in a quiet corner of the old town and offers a nice selection of tapas. The croquettes are fantastic and they have a different flavor each week based on what’s fresh. Make sure to check the board for the daily specials and save room for dessert. If the weather is nice, the outdoor terrace is a great place to have a meal.

Address: Calle Posadilla 1



Salmon tartar with avocado at La Tapería de Columela in Cadiz – Spain
Salmon tartar with avocado at La Tapería de Columela

La Tapería de Columela is, without a doubt, one of the best tapas bars in Cadiz. That would explain why it’s always completely full. In fact, people often line up outside before the place even opens and then rush in like bulls once the gate is unlocked. With such a packed place serving up delicious food, the atmosphere is lively and almost frenzied.

This gem of a bar has a menu full of great dishes: vegetable mousaka, cuttlefish in its ink, venison tataki, and scallops that many swear to be the best they have ever eaten. La Tapería is worthy of a wait and perhaps even multiple visits. As with so many restaurants in Cadiz, the value for the money is hard to beat.

Address: Calle Columela 4



Oxtail bao bun at La Marmita in Cadiz, Spain
Oxtail bao bun at La Marmita

La Marmita specializes in serving only local products that change based on the season. The menu offers a lot of tuna and seafood dishes but there are also bao buns, lamb and ravioli. They even have a tapa that consists of chunks of tuna with wasabi and green apple ice cream served in a cone – very interesting!

The bar is clean and modern and there is a separate interior patio for more sit-down eating. Overall, great food and great service for a good price.

Address: Calle Buenos Aires 5



Chef Leon Griffioen at Código de Barra in Cadiz, Spain
Chef Leon Griffioen at Código de Barra

Código de Barra offers innovative fine dining at a very reasonable price. The Dutch chef has done his homework and creates interesting textures and combinations of flavor for classic Andalusian dishes. Besides ordering a la carte, there are also two tasting menu options for 35€ and 47.5€. It’s a great culinary experience with flawless service. Even the homemade bread is super tasty, something that is often lacking in many of Cadiz’s restaurants.

The restaurant is fairly small, so a reservation is recommended. If you want to do one of the tasting menus then you must reserve it.

Address: Calle San Francisco 7

More Restaurants in Cadiz


Cafe Royalty first opened in 1912 but later closed in the 1930’s due to the Spanish Civil War. The building was in a state of decay until 2008 when it was painstakingly restored to its previous grandeur. Today, the immaculate interiors feature original plaster covered in gold leaf and rich paintings from local artists. It is the only cafe of its kind in Andalusia.

The cafe is great for breakfast, a cocktail, or a coffee with dessert. They also offer tapas, however, just know that the service tends to be on the slower side. The charm and uniqueness of Cafe Royalty definitely makes it worthy of a stop when in Cadiz.

Address: Plaza Candelaria


While Salicornia offers seafood such as butterfish ceviche and soft-shell crab, its real speciality is steak. There is a wide selection of cuts that are dry-aged and melt in your mouth. If you want a steak in Cadiz, this is the place. It will however cost you as Salicornia is fairly pricey as far as Cadiz goes. But it’s hard to argue with the quality. Also, don’t forget to try the creamy rice with mushrooms!

Address: Calle Plocia 2


Casa Manteca is as traditional as tapas bars come. The walls are covered in bullfighting paraphernalia, it’s busy, it’s loud, the bar is small and there isn’t much seating. There is a huge variety of tasty tapas at a reasonable price. Casa Manteca is full of Andalusian charm and has become somewhat of an institution in Cadiz. It’s worth a visit.

Address: Calle Corralón de los Carros 66


La Tabernita is located in the lively La Viña neighborhood. It has some great traditional tapas for quite cheap and a nice wine selection. The inside is small but there is some seating around barrels on the outside. People are often queuing before it even opens. To say it can get super busy would be an understatement. But even though it gets busy, the service is still on point.

Address: Calle Virgen de la Palma 32

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